Backpacking: Cooking and Food

This class will focus on cooking systems for use during backpacking. This course will cover food selection, storage, and protection while on the trail.  We will also cover the two major cooking systems, the Jetboil and the Pocket Rocket. 

Other topics of discussion in this class:

  • The myth of wood-burning fires while backpacking
  • What types of foods to bring while you backpack, from freezer-dried foods to fresh foods
  • On-site meal prep
  • Proper food storage
  • Food / Waste Disposal 

Who Should Attend?

  • New Backpackers
  • Backpackers who want to learn proper techniques
  • People who want to learn the difference between the 2 major cooking systems
Pocket Rocket vs Jetboil cooking systems for the outdoors
The age old debate Pocket Rocket or Jetboil.
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