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WSIC Co-Host

MyOutdoorJoy was co-host of WSIC and was interviewed by Joe Vagnon, one of Charlotte’s premier business brokers. We also had the opportunity to talk about business protection and intellectual property and brand Protection with Vaudra Group

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WCCB News Segment

MyOutdoorJoy had the privilege of joining WCCB’s Rachael Maurer to talk about safety on the trails and greenways. MyOutdoorJoy provided several tips on trail safety as well as places to go on group hikes.

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WSIC Radio Interview

MyOutdoorJoy was honored to be selected as the co-host of WSIC radio’s business hour. The #1 business radio show in the carolinas. Tune in to WSIC every Monday from 4 PM to 5 PM for a thrilling journey through the world of local businesses with our expert host, Joe Vagnone and co-host James Smith

Are you curious about the inspiring stories behind successful local businesses? Do you want to learn about the challenges they faced and the triumphs they celebrated? Look no further than “Local Biz Now,” the radio show that brings you up close and personal with the entrepreneurs who are shaping their communities.

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Who Are We and Our Goal

Famed Photographer and outdoor Videographer, Rebecca Branson-Jones whose work includes working with Ken Burns and shooting multiple PBS documentaries, worked with MyOutdoorJoy to develop a short video highlighting our mission and vision. The video showcases our commitment to the outdoors and our most important resource our customers.

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University City Partner: Grant Recipient

MyOutdoorJoy, a Charlotte based outdoor recreational and conservation company has recently won a grant from University City Partners which will further the mission of MyOutdoorJoy to introduce people to outdoor activities and provide environmental education. University City Partners (UCP) is a nonprofit organization that invests resources to shape public spaces and plans for a better-built environment that influences the way we live, work, play and learn in University City.

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Leave No Trace Educator

MyOutdoorJoy, a pioneering outdoor company with a hint of adult recess, has recently achieved the exclusive certification as a Leave No
Trace Trainer, demonstrating commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible outdoor recreation. Leave No Trace is a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the planet through scientific research
and the dissemination of practical guidelines.

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