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Have Fun and Create memories, and knock off a bucketlist item with Myoutdoorjoy

MyOutdoorJoy is here to help you learn, experience, and engage in outdoor activities.
We teach classes in camping, hiking, backpacking, land navigation (map and compass), and practical prepping. In conjunction with our classes, we host outdoor events that reinforce your classroom experience, plus we provide additional outdoor activities including The SCUBA Experience, Skydiving, International outdoor trips and weekly casual walks on the  greenways.

 At MyOutdoorJoy, we focus on teaching people with moderate to no outdoor experience different ways to engage in outdoor activities. Our customized group outdoor events reinforce what you have learned in class by providing a safe and supportive environment to use your new skills. Our professional instructors want to help you reach your goals.

This is one of the few stock photos we use on the site. I picked it since this will be my solo backpacking trips next year

Why Join Us

When you become a part of MyOutdoorJoy, you join one of the best outdoor training and event companies dedicated to improving participation in outdoor spaces for people just like you.  We focus on people who would classify themselves with moderate to no outdoor experiences or skill sets.

Our events and classes are family friendly, and provide a way for members and guests to enjoy the outdoors along with reaping the health benefits of being outside. All of our classes and events are led by expert outdoors people and professionals who provide a safe, supportive and fun outdoor experience.

We want everyone to experience the outdoors in ways they may have never thought possible.

What We Do

We help people on their journey into nature.  Whether you are 8 or 85 years old, fit or out of shape, our goal is to help connect you with nature.  The outdoors are where memories are made and we want you to remember all the wonderful things we will do together.


Trekking on Mt. Kilimanjaro on the way to Shiro 2
Mt. Kilimanjaro 2021

Our Services

Outdoor Classes

One of the key benefits to participating in classes and events with our company is that we are completely independent and unbiased. We focus on your skill set and not selling you equipment. Our goal is to make you confident and competent in the multitude of different outdoor recreational skills you are learning.

Outdoor Events

Have you ever wondered why kids are always so happy; beside not paying bills? They are always playing and enjoying themselves. Come outside with MyOutdoorJoy to learn new outdoor recreational skills or take the dust off your old ones. Our experienced instructors will be with you every step of the way.

Custom Services

We provide the opportunity for corporate, government, academic and private programming as well! These services mirror our events and classes; We can do everything from work with Scouts to prepare children for Jamboree, assist in purchasing gear for outdoor trips, help organize outdoor events for  clients, and more!

Our Reviews

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