Why We're Trusted

Safety First

Your safety is our priority. We take your well-being very seriously. Our instructors provide a comfortable and safe environment that is beyond comparison to other outdoor recreational groups. 

We have put in place several procedures to help everyone be safe and feel confident while participating in our recreational activities:

    • We provide a group setting with expert leaders for our events, which provides an additional level of safety.  You no longer have to do things by yourself.

    • Our event leaders and organizers have access to satellite communication devices, so they always have contact with emergency services and outside resources if there is no cell signal.

    • ALL of our instructors have CPR training.

    • ALL instructors are equipped with true walkie-talkies to stay in constant contact with each other.

    • No one is left behind; We always ensure that one of the event leaders stays behind the group so that hikers walk at their own pace and do not have to hike faster than they are comfortable.

    • Event leaders are subject matter experts in their activities.

    • Event leaders are experienced outdoors people, not internet personalities.

    • We have additional systems in place to keep kids safe.

He is making sure we all stay safe and follow the rules.
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