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What We Do?

MyOutdoorJoy is school recess personified focused on adults and families. MyOutdoorJoy is your gateway to adventure and growth. At MyOutdoorJoy, we empower members and participants who have  beginner to moderate outdoor recreational experiences, the chance to learn new skills, embark on meaningful outdoor journeys, and spend more time in nature.

MyOutdoorJoy provides inspiring outdoor classes and custom events that encourage you to engage with family and friends, showcase your new abilities, and celebrate your enhanced skills and knowledge.


Why Join Us?

Join us for our exciting events and classes that welcome everyone, from families to friends, members to guests. Embrace the outdoors and unlock the incredible health benefits of nature. Our professional outdoor leaders are here to ensure a safe, encouraging, and exhilarating experience. Step outside, challenge yourself, and discover the joy of the great outdoors!

Crowders Mountain has not seen such happy people and you have to admire Cheryl's matching shirt and backpack
This is the dynamic duo, they were enjoying one of the best hike of the weekend, checking out the old gist mill in Fort Mill

Creating Memories

Whether you are 8 or 80 years old, fit or have been in better shape, our goal is to help you connect with nature.  Memories are made when you are active at life and MyOutdoorJoy provides a bridge to the outdoors.

Our customized group events reinforce what you have learned in our classes. Our professional instructors want to open new opportunities and experiences made just for you.

How A Vision Became Reality

Our vision has always been about helping people get the most out of the outdoors.  Nature has always been a healer and a way of allowing my soul and spirit to come to rest; however, many people have never experienced the joys of being outside or learned the skills to participate in a variety of activities. I set out to teach people different ways to have fun in nature.  This is my story,  of a vision becoming reality.

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Our Services

One of the key benefits of participating in classes and events with us is that we are completely independent. We focus on your skill set and not selling you equipment. Our goal is to make you confident and competent in different outdoor activities.

Have you ever wondered why kids are always so happy; beside not paying bills? They are always playing and enjoying themselves. Come outside with MyOutdoorJoy to learn new outdoor recreational skills or take the dust off your old ones. Our experienced instructors will be with you every step of the way.

We provide private classes for corporations, religious organizations, and private programming as well!  These services mirror our events and classes; We can do everything from work with Scouts to prepare children for Jamboree, assist in purchasing gear for outdoor trips, help organize outdoor events for clients, and more!

Our Reviews

Why People Love MyOutdoorJoy

  • People attending classes and events are new to the outdoors so you never feel like you are out of place
  • We welcome family and friends, so you never feel like you are alone.
  • Our classes and events are group activities, so you are always in a safe supportive environment
  • People love the fact that all classes and events are led by outdoor experts
  • You see members just like you in a variety of ages and body shapes
  • Small class sizes
  • Classes focus on beginner to intermediate skill and experience levels

Frequently Asked Question

Nope. You do not have to be athletic to join MyOutdoorJoy. Our members cover a range of fitness levels ranging from couch potatoes to  regular fitness levels. When you come to our events, you quickly realize that we are everyday people doing extraordinary things.

Membership is optional for participation; however, you will miss out on benefits  exclusively for members.

 Click here to see member benefits: Member Sign-Up 

Non-members may attend classes and events without the benefit of membership perks.

Yes, all of our events are family friendly. Kids receive discounts on many of our events. You must attend the event with anyone under 18 years old,  and you must be the parent or legal guardian. 

Yes, Yes, and Yes again.  When you are sitting in a class or attending an event, if you polled everyone there, you would find that most people are newbies or have moderate experiences with an activity.  Do not convince yourself that you will be the only person at an event with limited or no experience. If you ever have a question, feel free to give us a call.  FYI, you can always bring a friend.

If you are a member, we provide equipment based on availability. Our equipment is provided for free or at nominal rental rates to members.  Non-members may contact the company for options related to getting equipment for events.

You have a choice to make, so here are just a few reasons why we have so many satisfied participants and members.

  • Our Instructors are proven qualified experts not random people who started an internet group. 
  • When you participate with us, you put your safety and trust in our hands. We take that seriously.  Our instructors are CPR and AED certified, and carry satellite communication devices when cell signals are unavailable.
  • We structure all our programs to meet the level of  our participants.
  • Our events are custom tailored to meet the needs of our members, so that you participate with people on an equal level
  • We provide equipment for our members for free or at low rental prices
  • We can provide access to some of the best outside areas by using the power of our memberships.
  • We provide exclusive member-only events, such as international travel.
  • We provide members with advanced registration for events
  • Skip the Line – Our members jump the line to the first position if there is a waitlist for our events.
  • Members receive discounts to events and programs.

MyOutdoorJoy values your safety, and we also have fun. We offer our participants, members and guests a unique opportunity to explore nature and gain all of its health benefits with experienced instructors that cater to all experience levels.  Our specialists and instructors ensure you leave our classes well-versed in nature skills and terminology. Most importantly, you will feel supported and laugh with others every step of the way. We are true experts in our field. 

Some of our instructors have climbed the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim, and various additional international and domestic outdoor excursions. Best believe we have great stories to tell!

You can definitely bring a friend to our classes or adventures; We encourage it! If you are a  MEMBER you may bring up to 2 Guests at member pricing, additional guests will need to reserve a spot at the non-member price. Children under 15 may attend most events at a discounted rate

Absolutely, don’t miss your blessings waiting on others.   You may end up not doing something you enjoy and many of the participants coming to the events and classes are by themselves, so the worst thing that could happen is you meet a new friend.

Absolutely, our programs are safe and geared toward beginners. We have strict standards for our events and classes. We want everyone to rave about what we do.

Beginners often have hesitations about camping outdoors, but don’t worry! Our trips take place at campsites and parks. You will not camp in an isolated  wilderness area.   You will also be within 40 yards of your car at most campsites. Our staff is also camping  out with you and you will be in the company of other members, guests and participants. Our events are family-friendly, safe, and fun.  FYI.. All of our camping trips will have bathrooms and you are likely to be within 5 miles of a grocery store if you forget something.

Yes, our campsites always have bathrooms

We are likely to see lots of Deer and Chipmunks, but not much else.  Although North and South Carolina have a variety of animals, they don’t like people.  They try to avoid human contact. I have been doing group outings for a long time and have never seen any big animals at events.

The other question, I know you have, is about snakes. The Carolinas are the home of many snake varieties; however, they try to avoid human contact.  When hiking we stay on established trails so rarely would you see a snake, if we ever encounter a snake, the group leader will spot it way before you do and will let the snake cross the road. You are more likely to see a snake in your backyard then on the trails we typically use. 

Yes,  this is a SCUBA experience class, not a certification class. We want to give participants the ability to experience SCUBA diving in a safe environment without the expense and time commitment required to be certified. We provide all the equipment, and certified SSI and/or PADI  SCUBA instructors.  The course is taught in the shallow section of the pool and by the end of class you will be playing games underwater and have ability to use and set up a full SCUBA kit. The only requirements for this class are:

  • everyone must have at least beginner swim skills 
  • you must be over 13 years old.

We will have some pet friendly events during the year; however, due to concerns about pet allergens, and liabilities our events are human only, unless stated otherwise.

Unlock Nature's Joys Today!

Join MyOutdoorJoy for truly relishing the outdoors’ wonders, bridging the gap between contemplating and experiencing its beauty.

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