About Us

The outdoors was created for everyone to enjoy and love.

Who We Are

MyOutdoorJoy is an outdoor education, event and experience company providing people with beginner to moderate level outdoor experience the knowledge, skills  and opportunity to participate in a variety outdoor recreational activities, as well as learn new skills.

As access and awareness to outdoor activities has increased, many adults have limited opportunities to learn new outdoor recreational activities in a meaningful way. 

MyOutdoorJoy offers classes, provides outdoor recreational equipment and customized group events based on the skill level of our participants. 

At MyOutdoorJoy, we want everyone to enjoy the outdoors and all the benefits that nature has to offer.

Our Mission

MyOutdoorJoy’s mission is to enhance participation in outdoor recreational activities by increasing all of our participants confidence and knowledge in a variety of outdoor skills and activities. 

We hope that by increasing participation in outdoor activities and connecting people with nature, participants will be more attentive to environmental issues, conservation and the stewardship of nature.

Tim, Jim and Terry on our coming back from the night Hike at Table Rock. We started the hike at 3am to see the sunrise
Terry, Jim, and Tim finishing the sunrise hike at Tablerock

Our Why

Studies show that spending more time outdoors has numerous mental and physical health benefits. These benefits include,  but are not limited to lowering blood pressure, helping sleep cycles, and improving anxiety. 

We believe that helping people spend more time outdoors,  creates a happier, and healthier community.

Stop at the overlook at Chimney Rock, We took the short cut up the mountain and used the elevator but hiked to the waterfall.
Taking a view of the waterfall at Chimney Rock

Why Are We Different?

MyOutdoorJoy values your safety. We offer our participants, members and guests a unique opportunity to learn new outdoor skills and an opportunity to use those skills.  Our specialists and instructors ensure you leave our classes well-versed in outdoor skills and terminology. Most importantly, you will feel supported and laugh with others every step of the way. 

Many of our instructors are accomplished real-world outdoors men and women. Their resume includes Appalachian Trail hikers,  advanced level Scuba divers, and International explorers;  in addition to being great educators.  MyOutdoorJoy is different in the following ways:

  •  Our instructors are experts with real world experience 
  •  Our instructors are CPR and/or AED certified,
  • We carry satellite communication devices when cell signals are unavailable.
  • We structure all our programs to meet the level of  our participants.
  • We provide equipment for our members for free or at low rental prices
  • We provide exclusive member-only events, such as international travel.
  • We focus on beginner and intermediate level students
different rubber ducks
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