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The outdoors was created for everyone to enjoy and love.

Who We Are

MyOutdoorJoy is your gateway to adventure, based in Charlotte, NC. We empower you with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to dive into a variety of recreational activities. Think of us as your “adult recess,” where every moment is a chance to rediscover joy.

With the growing interest in outdoor activities, many adults are eager to explore but lack the guidance to do so meaningfully. MyOutdoorJoy is here to bridge that gap, bringing accessible and enriching outdoor experiences to the Greater Charlotte area.

We offer inspiring classes, provide top-notch recreational equipment, and create customized group events tailored to your skill level.

At MyOutdoorJoy, we believe everyone deserves to experience the wonders of nature and the countless benefits it brings. Let’s embark on this journey together!



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Our Mission

At MyOutdoorJoy, we passionately believe in empowering everyone to embrace the great outdoors with confidence and enthusiasm. Our mission is to inspire you to discover new skills and adventures, making every outdoor experience unforgettable.

By fostering a deeper connection with nature, we aim to ignite a collective passion for environmental stewardship and conservation. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet while enjoying the beauty and thrill of outdoor activities. Join us in this exciting journey and become a champion for nature!


Tim, Jim and Terry on our coming back from the night Hike at Table Rock. We started the hike at 3am to see the sunrise
Terry, Jim, and Tim finishing the sunrise hike at Tablerock

Our Why

Embrace the transformative power of the great outdoors! Studies reveal that immersing ourselves in nature brings profound mental and physical health benefits. Imagine a life where your blood pressure is lower, your sleep cycles are harmonious, and your anxiety is eased. By encouraging more outdoor adventures, we can build a vibrant, joyful community. Who wouldn’t want to lead a more enriched life with radiant health?!



Stop at the overlook at Chimney Rock, We took the short cut up the mountain and used the elevator but hiked to the waterfall.
Taking a view of the waterfall at Chimney Rock

Why Are We Different?

At MyOutdoorJoy, your safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing our participants, members, and guests with unparalleled opportunities to master new outdoor skills and apply them confidently. Our seasoned specialists and instructors ensure you leave our classes proficient in outdoor skills and terminology. Most importantly, you will feel empowered and enjoy every moment with like-minded individuals.

Our instructors are distinguished, real-world outdoors men and women. Their impressive backgrounds include Appalachian Trail hikers, advanced level Scuba divers, and international explorers, all of whom are exceptional educators. MyOutdoorJoy stands out in the following ways:

  • Our instructors are experts with extensive real-world experience
  • Our instructors are CPR and/or AED certified
  • We always carry satellite communication devices when cell signals are unavailable
  • We tailor all our outdoor programs to match the skill level of our participants
  • We provide equipment for our members at no cost or at minimal rental fees
  • We offer exclusive member-only events, including international travel
  • We specialize in training beginner and intermediate level students
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