Camp Outs

Camping: Enjoying the Outdoors

Camping is one of the great gateways to extending your time in the outdoors. Camping feels like an overnight cookout in the middle of nature. There is nothing like the clean air, fellowship, adventures, and some of the prettiest night skies you have ever seen. Our campouts will have access to bathrooms and water and are family-friendly. The group will camp together in a traditional site accessible by car.

All campouts will have multiple pre-planned outdoor activities and knowledge-based learning experiences, such as cooking over an open flame or learning different fire-starting methods. The activities at our campouts are always optional. You may sit in your tent, read a book, or enjoy the outdoors. Our campouts are entertaining and stress-reducing, with lots of fun games. We can’t wait to see you!

Things to Know:

  • All of our campouts have bathrooms, many of shower facilities
  • All of our campouts are usually within 5 miles of a food store
  • All of our campouts are staffed by our guides
  • All of our campouts are stress-free
  • You will generally be within 75 yards of your car
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