Camping 101

Who said you have to sleep on the ground? Camping is your gateway to extending your time in the great outdoors and truly embracing nature. Imagine stargazing at night and meditating during the day—camping fuels the soul and revitalizes your spirit. While camping does require a few skills, anyone can master them in no time. This class will cover all aspects of camping, empowering you to become a confident camper. Note: This class is not for RV enthusiasts.

Throughout this class, you will master the following:

  • How to select and set up a tent
  • Camp Essentials
  • How to sleep outdoors, from blow-up mattresses to sleeping bags
  • Reserving a camping site and finding the perfect one
  • Cooking outdoors, exploring the many options available to you
  • Planning a weekend getaway
  • Camping with kids

Who Should Attend?

  • New or limited-experience campers
  • People looking to elevate and enhance their camping skills
  • Those curious about camping but have never tried it
  • Individuals wanting to master the art of glamping
  • New campers seeking answers to their questions
  • Anyone eager to upgrade their current camping setup

Did You Know?

  • Tent companies often don’t supply all the accessories needed to set up a tent properly, whether it’s a $50 tent or a $1000 tent
  • Choosing the wrong tent can lead to condensation inside, causing it to “rain” on you at night
  • Making hobo meals is a fun and simple way to cook while entertaining kids
  • You can bake over an open fire and create meals as delicious as those made at home
  • You can rent private property for a unique camping experience
  • Many people had a bad camping experience when younger, which deters them from camping now
  • You can set up a tent with a queen mattress, pillows, and sheets, eliminating the need for a sleeping bag
Who said camping was boring? This was the start of the weekend and I think the kids beat all the adults at the games
Banita and Jamilia playing UNO. Who's winning?
hammock beach camping trip
Hammocks Beach State Park Camping Trip
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