Hiking 101

Hiking 101 is the ultimate class for those eager to master hiking and elevate their skills. This class thoroughly covers:

In this class, you will confidently learn:

  • The clear distinction between hiking and walking
  • How to expertly read a trail map and interpret its symbols
  • Essential hiking terminology, such as blazes, switchbacks, and junctions
  • Various software options for navigating without a physical map
  • The best gear for hiking, including trekking poles, clothing, and footwear (trail runners vs hiking boots)
  • How to correctly tie your footwear for optimal hiking performance
  • The core principles of “Leave No Trace”
  • Proper Yielding Rules

Who Should Attend?

  • Hikers who need to improve their map-reading skills
  • If you think blazes are a type of people or activity
  • If you want to ensure your safety on the trail
  • If you want to understand hiking rules and stewardship

Did You Know?

  • The average hiker gets lost within a 1/4 mile of a trail
  • Many people confuse hiking and walking, leading to potential risks
  • Many people struggle with reading trail maps and are limited to familiar paths
  • Most people are unaware of proper trail etiquette when encountering other hikers or horses
  • Most people are unfamiliar with Leave No Trace principles
miguel on the Morrow mountain hike
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