Practical Prepping: Emergency Preparedness

This class will cover practical prepping and how to prepare yourself and your family for disasters. Every year the U.S. faces more and more natural and man-made disasters.  Are you prepared if your home lost power for a week or more. Could you comfortably stay in your home during a winter storm or if you lost heat? The goal of this class is to plan for unexpected situations; this is not a class on hoarding at the last minute but a guide to help you prepare for the unexpected.

Throughout this class, you will learn the following:

  • How to analyze the amount of food you will need
  • Cooking without a stove/oven
  • Proper food storage and how to use ice coolers
  • Emergency food preparation
  • Water Purification vs. Filtering
  • What items should you always have at your residence
  • Methods to keep your home warm in the winter
  • Generators and how to select what is right for you, and how to live without a generator
  • How to remedy when you lose your cell signal

Who should attend?

  • People who want to keep themselves and family are safe during natural emergencies
  • People who have to go to the store on the forecast of Snow
  • If you were caught off-guard for COVID, gas shortages, or any of the other local challenges
  • If you are thinking of buying a generator
  • People who want to stay ahead of increasing numbers of shortages in the US
Did You Know:
  •  The average American family  would be substantially altered if the power went out for 2 or more days, 1 day in the winter months
  • If you plug your sensitive electronics into a generator you void the warranty
  • Gas Generators are unregulated and don’t provide the wattage on the box nor have the operational time that is implied.
  • Standard Water filters don’t eliminate virus’ and most bacteria
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