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James Smith

James Smith

Yes, that's me, doing what I love, playing in the outdoors. As my mother would say, smelling like the outdoors. I have been active in the outdoor world for well over 46 years and in the skilled outdoor space over 30 years. If the phrase don't judge a book by its cover was an image, it would be me.

During the covid pandemic a friend approached me and said that I had found what everyone was searching for, a purpose and a passion.

I immediately said I don't think my job qualifies for that status. He slapped me on the head and said:

" No, I'm talking about teaching outdoor stuff".

At the time, I had been volunteering my knowledge and expertise to an outdoor group which I grew to well over 2600+ members in a 6-year time period. He laughed and said anyone who can get this many people outside has a gift.

It took me a while to accept what he was saying before I decided he was right and MyOutdoorJoy was created in my head on top of Crowder's Mountain.

I started looking around and realized that few companies catered to people with moderate to no outdoor experience. So, I set out to create a company that would provide expert outdoor instruction to people searching for classes and events in different outdoor activities.

Our goal is to share our knowledge as you take part in all the fun and adventures we offer.

I hope you take the opportunity to come out, meet us and take the time to meet with members and participants just like you.

Here are just a few of my experiences:

My Life Perspective: Pushed Into Purpose

1) 1730 miles of the Appalachian Trail
2) Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro
3) Certified Open Water SCUBA diver
4) 50+ Skydives, highest was 17100 ft.
5) 2 Stages of the Scottish National Trail
6) Led over 400+ Guided Hikes
7) Hosted over 160+ campouts
8) Former Event Leader Piedmont Hiking
9) Former Co-leader Outdoor-Afro Charlotte
10) NOLS Wilderness First Aid Certified
11) AED and CPR trained
12) Trained over 1200+ new outdoors people
13) Land Navigation Specialist
14) Hosted 75+ backpacking trips

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