Hiking: Exploring the Outdoors

Our goal is to transform you into an independent hiker. We host both traditional hikes as well as  GreenwayWalks for those wanting to explore some of Mecklenburg counties largest conservation efforts.  We look forward to the day you can lead hikes and bring your family and friends on a journey. We host hikes ranging from beginner to experienced, with labels always present in the description. Our hikes are unique, with beautiful sights along the trails. Don’t simply arrive at your destination; join us and learn the art of hiking in a protected and pleasant atmosphere.

During our hikes, we will always show you how to read a trail map, discuss hike-informative software, and review the principles of “Leave No Trace.” The most gratifying part about the hike is ultimately allowing members to take turns leading different sections of the hike, including the beginners.

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