Benefits of Membership


      Monthly Membership: $14.99      
Yearly Membership: $159.99

Membership is not required to participate in events or classes but you will miss out on some awesome perks, plus who orders an ice cream sundae without whip cream.  You must be at least 30 years old to become a member; however, guest may be any age.

Super Member Benefits

  • Friends and  Family Plan: Member may bring 3 guest to events or classes at membership rate (members must be in attendance), some exclusions apply
  • Members receive discounts on all Events, Classes and Trips
  • One (1) promotional code for $45 discount for any class or event with annual membership, excludes travel or social events
  • All Members through March 1, 2024 have a price lock until  March 1,  2026  with continuous membership
  • Exclusive event cancellation policy*
  • Advanced Registration to all events and classes
  • Premium waitlist status; members jump non-members on waitlist for priority position
  • Outdoor gear (Tents, Trekking Poles, Compasses, etc.) available exclusively for members for free or rental depending on item
  • Members receive a $15 rebate for each person they refer to MyOutdoorJoy that becomes a member after 3 months of continuous membership.
  • Access to Members only events 
become a member
  1. Members can cancel RSVPs up to 7 days before an event with no cancellation penalty; events become non-refundable after that time. 
  2. Members get a $10. credit and/or payment  per NEW client referral. The credit is paid after the new member(s) has been a member for 2 months. +++++++++++++

Refund Policy, Referrals and Membership benefits CAN BE IN  MODIFIED , solely at the discretion of MyOutdoorJoy.

Private Group Membership Benefits

  • First Choice for any priority or upgraded selections at any event or activity

Exclusive Member Content Benefits

  • Gear reviews for members only
  • Members only events

Safety First

  • Instructors are certified in CPR and/or Wilderness First Aid
  • Leaders are subject matter experts in the activities they lead
  • Events are held in group settings

And there’s more! If you would like to have access to all of these perks, then become a member of MyOutdoorJoy today! If you have any questions, please contact us.

Here is a copy of the waiver all participants must sign before engaging in any programs WAIVER

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