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SustainCharlotte and MyOutdoorJoy Partnership

The collaboration between MyOutdoorJoy and Sustain Charlotte comes at a crucial time when urban growth and environmental degradation pose significant challenges to communities. Both organizations recognize the urgent need to address issues such as the reduction of tree canopies, depletion of green spaces, and declining air quality, which have profound effects on public health and the environment. By joining forces, MyOutdoorJoy and Sustain Charlotte aim to raise awareness about these pressing issues and advocate for sustainable solutions that benefit both current and future generations.

QCityMetro Exposure

MyOutdoorJoy was listed as a University City Partner business in the May 7 ,2024 edition of the QcityMetro paper

MyOutdoorJoy Official Brand Launch

MyOutdoorJoy, a pioneering outdoor company with a hint of adult recess, proudly announces its official launch, offering a gateway for individuals seeking to explore and engage in outdoor recreational activities. Founded on the belief that outdoor adventures should be accessible to all, MyOutdoorJoy aims to provide beginner to moderate level outdoor knowledge, skills, and opportunities to participants

Leave No Trace Education Provider

MyOutdoorJoy, a pioneering outdoor company with a hint of adult recess, has recently achieved the exclusive certification as a Leave No Trace Trainer, demonstrating his commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible outdoor recreation. Leave No Trace is a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the planet through scientific research and the dissemination of practical guidelines.

Press Releases

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