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I serve on a nonprofit board with James and we learned about his passion for all types of adventures, including his scuba diving explorations. Several of us were interested in a beginner’s training and MyOutdoorJoy's staff quickly organized a group event. They made it easy to show up and enjoy the experience.
“I had the pleasure to work with James for several events, and his enthusiasm and willingness to teach his outdoor skills to others made each program unique. James and the MyOutdoorJoy staff have extensive experience and knowledge for all things outdoors, and he makes each participant feel comfortable and capable to try new things they never did before or didn’t think they could do. James’ commitment to involve everyone to ensure they learn while having fun is what makes his programs such a success.” 
Jim Stanton
S.C. Park Ranger
"I have blossomed into an international trekker because of James and his meaningful insights. Over the last few years, I have attended sessions and trips organized by James and I am better as an outdoors person because of it, but he has managed to do something I did not expect... make me love the outdoors even more. James provides practical and real strategies and tips to not only survive outdoors but to thrive in the outdoors. Amazing person to lead any outdoors experience!"
"James Smith has been a wonderful leader on our outdoor excursions. I’ve participated in several hikes including a 10-mile hike around Crowder’s Mountain State Park as he led our group through different terrain. He is very knowledgeable, aware, consistent, direct, and exhibits great communication skills as a host and outdoor guide. I would highly recommend him as an outdoor advisor, leader and host."
"When it comes to welcoming and properly preparing newcomers to the outdoors, James Smith is a master! I have been associated with James for over 5 years, offering retail space and collaboration in his endeavor toward advocacy and education in getting people safely into the outdoors. He presents with enthusiasm, humor and honesty; effectively turning the fear of new adventures into confidence and excitement for his participants. I can’t say enough in my appreciation of his ambition and talent in the way he is creating current and next generations to safely enjoy the outdoors. Thank you James!”
Patti Habberstock
General Manager: REI
"James is definitely well known in the Carolinas for organizing and conducting outdoor adventures. He is a well traveled, pro outdoorsman with vast interests and knowledge; he possesses a curious mind and a natural tendency to try things, so he has been to more places and experienced more outdoor adventures than I ever will in my lifetime. That is because he made an intentional decision when he was young to be active, connected with the outdoors and motivated to live his life in under his own terms."
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Richard Cook
Outdoor Manager: NOLS
“Over the years I have become acquainted with James as we have been a host site for many of his outdoor programs. He always has a good turnout for events and participants seem engaged and happy. As a host site, we are always grateful that campsites are well looked after and James diligently follows Leave No Trace practices – removing all trash and making sure fires are appropriately extinguished. He always works with us to arrange for activities that are appropriate for the outdoor comfort level of his participants. He works hard to make sure his participants get a fresh, new and approachable experience each time.”
"James is an experienced outdoor recreation leader, who priorities learning and safety. Not only does he make learning about hiking, backpacking and other outdoor pursuits fun, but he is also a motivational teacher. James has an inspirational personal story, and he uses his personal experience to help people overcome their fears and stretch beyond their comfort zone to set aspirational but realistic outdoor recreation goals. James has helped me find my personal outdoor joy, and I look forward to improving my outdoor recreation knowledge and skills while deepening my love of nature as I continue my journey."
"James plans and executes his outdoor experiences to make it easy for new or inexperienced participants to learn a lot and have fun. I watched him show a group of new campers how to set up and use a backpacking stove and they were all amazed at how easy it was to heat up a meal. James has a tremendous amount of experience in outdoor recreation and in leadership, and he combines the two to create a great experience for young and old alike. James’ knowledge of outdoor recreation is extensive, and he combines that with the ability to teach those skills, and a passion for getting others involved in those experiences."
Terry Conway
S.C. Park Ranger and Chief Guide
I am a total beginner and I have done things I would never have thought I would do. I even went skydiving but I didn't tell anyone in my family for several days. They have change me in so many ways and I am greatful for all the patients and tolerance they have had with me.
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Rita Roeback
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Leslie Thomas
Leslie Thomas
Extremely well organized events. I always enjoy the new things I learn in a positive and supportive environment.
Elizabeth Allison
Elizabeth Allison
Mu husband and I went to the canning event and it was a great experience. The teacher was very knowledgeable and patient. James provided all the materials that we needed. It was a very intimate and fun class. Looking forward to attending the next event!
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